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Physical security risk assessment

Physical security risk assessment
Physical security risk assessment is performed in accordance with Law no. 333/2003 on the security of objectives, goods, valuables and protection of persons, Government Decision no. 301/2012 approving the Methodological Norms for the implementation of Law no. 333/2003, and Instructions no. 9/2013 concerning the performance of physical security risk assessments for the units concerned by Law no. 333/2003, and is mandatory for all categories of objectives.
The ultimate goal of risk assessment is to find an economic balance between the impact of the risk on the organization and the costs of implementing preventive and protective measures. Moreover, risk assessment helps you understand the real physical security needs of your company, in order to have an overview of the relationship with the licensed companies providing security services/security systems installation, which you may employ to perform various specialized services. 
Physical security risk assessment evaluates the following:
 physical security threats (external environment);
 physical security vulnerabilities (internal environment);
 protection systems (physical-mechanical and electronic) – from fences to guard systems;
 specific security procedures;
 other factors that contribute more or less to the occurrence/mitigation of physical security risks.
After analyzing all the above-mentioned elements, a Report is prepared for each objective, which includes risk treatment methods and recommendations, if necessary. The accepted recommendations must be implemented within 60 days of the signing the Report.

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