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IT Consultant course

The ‘IT Consultant’ course is authorized by National Qualifications Authority (NQA) and and the certification obtained gives you the right to practice as an IT consultant (COR code 251901).
The IT Consultant significantly contributes to obtaining competitive advantage when searching for the most adequate solution to give value to IT infrastructure and new such technologies.
After completing the course, participants will acquire the following competencies:
1. Developed analytical sense to identify the missing information, to logically analyze a problem and to find new inventive solutions to resolve it;
2. High consideration to details when trying to obtain good results while under time pressure;
3. Effective communication both in person and on the phone, as well as in writing through presentations taking advantage of the newest communication tools;
4. Better customer orientation, always choosing what’s best for the final user, for his comfort and his benefit;
5. Flexibility and self-learning abilities in order to make decisions in a timely manner;
6. Leadership abilities, including risk management: they will evaluate and highlight the possible consequences of the following actions and they will minimize the negative consequences;
7. Being good negotiators with persuasive skills and a strong organizational sense.
 You will be permanently preoccupied by fully understanding your company activities and the way they can be sustained and developed by adequate IT&C solutions;
 You will participate in building the technical support for the informational system’s most complex problems and you will transform the company’s processes into IT&C requirements;
 You will learn to evaluate the risks involving security matters regarding data, programs and equipments and you will apply technical IT&C standards in order to complete specific company
 You will constantly work with all functional departments of the organization and you will be able to assist in the use of information technology in its current activity;
 You will constantly develop professionally acquiring new knowledge and you will develop good teamwork skills and an effective way to communicate at workplace.
Following the course you will obtain a certificate issued by NQA and the ministries of Education and Labour, recognized in the European Union.

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