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IES Approvals / Authorizations

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Topalis Engineering offers a complete package of services for obtaining fire safety authorizations and approvals. Its dynamic structure makes Topalis Engineering the only company that meets your needs by providing integrated IES Approvals/Authorizations services.



    IES Approvals    IES Authorizations


    Through its Design and Architecture department under the coordination of the Fire Safety Technical Experts, Topalis Engineering offers complete services for obtaining the fire safety approvals and authorizations, as follows:

    • performing the site survey in order to gather the constructive information (measurements) necessary to prepare the authorization documentation;
    • analysing the existing documentation in order to correlate it with the actual situation in the field;
    • completing the authorization file: installation design, architectural drawings;
    • creating the fire safety scenario;
    • preparing the technical expert examination report for the „fire safety” essential requirement;
    • preparing the project reviewer’s report for the „fire safety” essential requirement – buildings and installations – for the phases of technical design and execution details, drawings, and, if applicable, for the design prepared on the basis of the expert examination report;
    • preparing the complete file necessary to obtain the fire safety authorization, in three copies;
    • submitting the authorization request to the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (IES);
    • specialized technical assistance during IES representatives’ official visit;
    • obtaining the Fire Safety Authorization.


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