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Electronic computer and network operator

The ‘Electronic computer and network operator’ course is authorized by National Qualifications Authority (NQA) and and the certification obtained gives you the right to practice as an operator in IT and networking (COR code 351101).
The electronic computer and network operator works in an evolving environment, this activity being required by the labor market. In order to carry out the alleged activities of this job, the computer and network operator must communicate with users effectively and be concerned about permanently improving his own skills.
After completing the course, participants will acquire the following competencies:
1. Monitoring and ensuring the proper functioning of computers, peripheral equipment and network connection / interconnection equipment;
2. The ability to install and configure operating systems and applications using standardized procedures, while monitoring the proper use of applications by users;
3. Providing users with system and / or network resources, within their privileges;
4. Implementing security policies to access data and equipment as required by the system engineer or the network administrator; they will follow any deviation from these rules and will contribute to implementing corrective procedures;
5. The ability to assist users in solving tasks involving the use of computers and correcting them when they do not meet the standard working procedures;
6. Save user working data periodically and in critical situations, restoring them when needed and help users recover their information.
 You will learn to ensure proper functioning of the computer and its network;
 You will be able to ensure data and equipment security;
 You will assist users in solving various technical problems;
 You will keep track of computer and equipment maintenance;
 You will provide computer / network configuration and installation and the necessary components and consumables;
 You will gain the proper skills to communicate effectively with customers, network administrator, system engineer and other IT specialists as well as the people in the organization’s hierarchical management structures.
Following the course you will obtain a certificate issued by NQA and the ministries of Education and Labour, recognized in the European Union.

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