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Economic Operators

Consultancy in Public Procurement for Economic Operators
Registration of the economic operators in the Electronic Public Procurement System (SEAP) to participate as tenderers/candidates in online award procedures;
Configuration of the electronic catalogue of products/services/works in SEAP for registered economic operators;
Analysis of tender documentations published by contracting authorities in order to identify the procedures for which the interested economic operator meets the qualification requirements. This eliminates the unnecessary costs incurred in preparing tenders/applications to participate in award procedures whose minimum qualification requirements are not met;
Submission of requests for clarification to contracting authorities on technical, economic, legal, and/or procedural matters, in order to draw up tenders under optimum conditions;
Advice on the interpretation of the legislation;
Management of award procedures;
Preparation of the tender documentation;
Verification of technical proposals and related documents as per the requirements in the data sheet;
Drafting of association and subcontracting agreements;
Negotiation of contract terms both during and after the auction;
Preparation of complaints submitted to the National Council for Solving Complaints (CNSC);
Preparation of complaints submitted in court;
Representation before CNSC and the courts;
Organization of specialized training sessions for the team of the economic operator.

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