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Design of Security Systems

Design of Security Systems
According to Article 68(1) of the Methodological Norms for the implementation of Law no. 333/2003 on the security of objectives, goods, valuables and protection of persons approved by Government Decision no.301/2012, “The designs of the alarm systems for the following categories of objectives are subject to the approval of the police:
a) units of strategic interest and critical infrastructure objectives;
b) units or institutions of public interest;
c) credit institutions, postal offices, exchange offices, pawnshops, units focused on activities involving jewellery made of precious metals/stones;
d) retailers of firearms and ammunition;
e) fuel stations;
f) h) gambling houses;
g) processing centres;
h) pay offices of utility providers and services;
i) industrial objectives;
j) warehouses;
k) technological installations.”
Preparation of the prefeasibility and feasibility studies;
Preparation of the Specifications for integrated security systems;
Preparation of designs for security systems: intrusion detection and alarm, access control, video surveillance, and intercom.
Assistance in the installation, commissioning, and acceptance of security systems;
Preparation of operating procedures for integrated security systems;
Evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of security and intervention services.

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