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Consultancy in EU Projects

Consultancy in EU Projects
We offer expert advice on attracting EU grants.
We prepare the necessary documentation to obtain the grant, from the start of the project until the beneficiary receives the final instalment and we provide assistance during implementation in cooperation with the management authority of the funding programme.
Classification of the project and determination of its eligibility;
Preparation of the documentation for accessing grants: business plan and annexes, application, feasibility study, explanatory memorandum, market analysis, advisability studies, cost-benefit
analysis (financial analysis, socio-economic analysis, risk analysis, and sensitivity analysis);
Preparation of procurement dossiers and assistance in conducting the auctions related to the investment project;
Preparation of payment requests;
Coordination of the parties involved in obtaining the funding: architects, designers, site supervisor, suppliers/providers of goods and services;
Assistance in the relationship with the management authority of the funding programme.
EU funds can be accessed by beneficiaries in various fields of activity. There are non-reimbursable funding sources for investments in the following sectors:
Renewable energy (microhydro power plants, wind turbines, etc.);
Public sector (public infrastructure, schools, hospitals, etc);
Agriculture (plant and animal farms, processing units, etc.);
Tourism (accommodation and recreational activities);
Microenterprises (units providing services: medical offices, design offices, salons, processing units: processing plants for plastics, metal, wood; recycling units, etc);
Small and medium enterprises (production units).

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