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Public Procurement Expert

The Public Procurement Expert training course is authorized by the National Authority for Qualifications (NAQ) and the certification obtained gives you the right to practice as a PUBLIC PROCUREMENT EXPERT, COR code 214946.
This course is very useful both to people already working, and to those who would like to work, in public procurement. It targets contracting authorities and also those who wish to participate in public tenders as tenderers.
The Public Procurement Expert training course is organized in sessions requested by the clients and is specially created for people with a busy schedule who want to be trained in this field.
The course may be attended by any higher education graduate who wishes to develop or improve their knowledge of public procurement.
After completing the course, participants will acquire competencies in:
1. Development of interpersonal communication by exchanging professional information;
2. Training aimed at developing and capitalizing teamwork;
3. The art of negotiation in the procedures for awarding public contracts;
4. Definition and explanation of technical terms in public procurement;
5. Preparation of the documentation necessary for specialist consultancy (the form, structure, and rules of documentation, planning and conduct of award procedures, completion of award procedures);
6. Analysis of the specific public procurement legislation (identification, analysis, and implementation of the specific legal framework);
7. Preparation of the public procurement schedule;
8. Conduct/Preparation of documents for award procedures;
9. Completion of award procedures;
10. Provision of specialist consultancy (identification, analysis, preparation of the documentation necessary for specialist consultancy).
– You will be informed of the public procurement legislation;
– You will be able to identify the specific investment and acquisitions activities of your institution;
– You will be able to plan, organize, coordinate, and evaluate public procurement activities;
– You will be able to draft the specialist documentation for all phases of the procurement process;
– You will understand the principles and criteria underlying the award of public contracts;
– You will have the knowledge and skills necessary to avoid conflicts of interest;
– You will be able to provide specialist consultancy in public procurement.
Following the course you will obtain a certificate issued by NAQ and the ministries of Education and Labor, recognized in the European Union.